Trapezoid plate insulation from the bottom side

February 19, 2024 | hall, factory building, office building, lightweight structure, ceiling, trapezoid plate

Slab insulation from below

Slab insulation from below

Another reference for slab insulation from below. Lightweight buildings often suffer from condensation problems and high heating costs, especially if they are not properly insulated. We recently solved such a problem in a hall of the Thyssen Krupp group, where we effectively insulated the building with the help of foam.

In the aforementioned warehouse, significant problems arose regarding the insulation of the slab and trapezoidal plate. Due to the condensation, wetting and condensation often occurred in the building, which could damage the goods stored there, and the uninsulated roof also increased the heating costs.

The first step was to empty the warehouse. Then we foiled the shelf system and the windows. After preparing the surface, we used our stands to blow 5 cm thick foam insulation onto the surface to be insulated from below.

Purfoam has proven to be an ideal choice for insulation, as it is easy to apply and has highly effective thermal insulation properties. The foam provides an airtight seal and contributes to the minimization of heat loss. Insulation prevents moisture from entering the building.

The result is clear: condensation in the building has significantly decreased, and heating costs have also decreased significantly.

Purfoam offered a quick and cost-effective solution for creating an airtight and waterproof layer, so it proved to be an ideal choice for insulating the warehouse of the Thyssen Krupp group. With the help of purhab, it was possible to effectively solve the warehouse's insulation problems and ensure long-term protection for the building. This project is another example of how innovative and effective solutions can be used to deal with thermal insulation problems in buildings.

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