Scattered foam insulation from professionals

Thermal and waterproofing at the same time, in one step! Read about the unquestionable advantages of scattered purfoam!

Applications of dispersed purfoam

Insulation of old and new flat roofs against heat and water

Modernization of flat roofs without demolition

Roof spaces: roof plane or attic floor

Insulation of attics from the outside or inside

Lightweight warehouses and halls

Unbeatable solutions on a trapezoidal plate

Sheds, stables, grain storages

Agriculture's favorite insulation

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Foam insulation: water and heat insulation in one!

The dispersed purfoam insulation is aflatly the best thermal insulation available today, secondly waterproof too! Similarly important eit also has the advantage that it can be used on almost all construction materials used today: be it bituminous sheet, trapezoidal sheet, brick, wood, tile, concrete or foil.

Nevertheless, that it is an excellent insulator, its special feature is that it is vapor permeable due to the microporous structure of the cell walls, therefore the building remains breathable. The surface is completely free of gaps, forget about windy corners, wetting, and thermal bridges!


We can boast hundreds of references, now we have been insulating with spray foam for more than 12 years. With the largest capacity in the country, accordingly, we work without delay with a huge stock. Free survey. 10 year warranty.

For us, dispersed purfoam insulation is not just a business: it is actually our passion.

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We insulate with sprayed foam

Completed work

Dispersed foam uses

Flat roof insulation with closed-cell membrane

Flat roof

Waterproofing and thermal insulation of new or old flat roofs, without demolition!

Stable Insulation with Purhab

Sheds, stables

Sterile, washable surface. Insulation without complicated fixing!


Hall, warehouse

Unbeatable heat and water insulation on lightweight buildings! 

Attic Insulation From the Inside with Purhab


If the attic is inhabited, we insulate it from the outside, if not, from the inside. 

Facade Insulated Purfoam

Side wall

It can also be used on plastered or raw brick walls.

Socket Insulation Closed-cell Purfoam

Attic floor insulation

Walkable heat and water insulation on specially shaped surfaces.

Silo Insulation Purfoam

Silo, grain storage

Good insulation is essential when storing crops.

Tank Container Insulation

Tank, container house

It also provides the tank with thermal insulation and corrosion protection.

Pool Insulation with Purhab

Swimming pool

Perfect for insulating the outer or inner walls of pools.

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Send a description of the building you want to insulate, as well as the dimensions of the surface and the planned thickness of the insulation. We won't wait long, we will send you our initial offer for insulation within one working day without delay. If you find our prices acceptable, we will assess the building free of charge upon your request. 

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