Scattered foam insulation throughout the country

Heat, sound and water insulation in one step. Insulate effectively, with a 10-year guarantee! Purfoam thermal insulation from professionals. 

Flat roof

Repair of pitched roofs without demolition


Roof level insulation between rafters

Attic floor

Gap-free, airtight, walkable insulation

Side wall

Internal partition, external facade insulation

Lightweight structure

Unbeatable on trapezoidal slabs, wave slate

Live, stable

Agriculture's favorite insulation

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Advantages of sprayed foam insulation

Closed-cell foam is the most effective thermal insulation available today. Polyurethane is half as thick as traditional insulating materials. The great advantage of excellent thermal insulation is that it also provides waterproofing, thus protecting buildings from moisture and waterlogging.

Spread foam insulation is vapor diffusive, the insulated property remains breathable.

It spreads evenly on the surfaces, forms a completely airtight, gap-free layer, minimizing thermal bridges and ventilation areas.

The strong, walkable material also strengthens the structure statically.


How is it made?

The two main components of dispersed purfoam are Polyol and Isocyanate. The components are mixed by a special machine built into the truck, and the liquid substance is applied to the surface with a spray gun. As soon as the material comes into contact with the surface, it undergoes a chemical reaction and solidifies in just 5 seconds.

Why with us?

We have been dealing with scattered insulation for more than 13 years, and have now become the market's leading contractors. We work with the country's largest capacity and corresponding stock, and we offer a full 10-year guarantee for our work.

We insulate with sprayed foam

Completed work


Flat roof insulation with closed-cell membrane

Flat roof

Waterproofing and thermal insulation of new and old flat roofs. We perform the insulation on existing bituminous surfaces without demolition!

Attic floor insulation

Attic floor

Most of the heat loss is lost through the slabs, so the insulation of the slabs is extremely important.

Attic Insulation


We insulate uninhabited attics from the inside, between the rafters. If the attic is inhabited, it is insulated from the outside, after dismantling the shell.


Hall, warehouse

Shape-following heat and water insulation is unbeatable on lightweight buildings. Forget condensation problems!

Stable Insulation with Purhab

Stable, barn, grain storage

Sterile, washable surface. Without complicated fixing. Where the time factor is important, it is an advantage to insulate up to 1,000 m2 per day.

Facade Insulated Purfoam

Side wall

Heat and sound insulation of internal side walls. Insulation of external facades. Can be used even on plastered walls.

Socket Insulation Closed-cell Purfoam

Attic floor insulation

The walkable polyurethane foam layer is ideal for gap-free insulation of specially shaped rooms, stairs, and machinery.

Ceiling insulation

Ceiling insulation

If you have an unheated living space, basement or underground garage under your apartment, foam is the perfect solution for you.

Trapezoidal sheet insulation with PU foam

Trapezoid plate

Dripping steam is annoying and can also cause damage to the building. The solution is spread foam insulation.

Wave slate insulation

Wave slate

The majority of slate roofs get wet, we can say without a doubt that their insulation is only possible economically with purfoam.

Tank Insulation

Tank, container

Thermal insulation and corrosion protection of tanks, undeniably the most effective, without delay. 

Terrace insulation


Heat, water and sound insulation of terraces! Insulate with us - quickly, in one step, with a 10-year guarantee.

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