How much does foam insulation cost?

It is difficult for us to price the insulations we make in general. We describe why below.

Executed prices

Closed-cell foam

35-45-55 kg/m3

Open cell foam

8-10 kg/m3

UV protection

Polyurea/synthetic resin

Foam insulation price - what does it depend on?

The price of foam insulation is usually calculated on a per square meter basis, reflecting the thickness. The price of foam insulation therefore depends on the size of the building, the thickness of the insulating layer and, of course, the type of polyurethane foam chosen. There are projects where it is difficult to determine the price per square meter of foam insulation. If the surface cannot be measured, or if it is difficult for us to measure it, we will bill the customer based on weight loss, calculated in liters. 

Of course, we offer a more favorable specific price for larger projects. From the point of view of the price of foam insulation, it does not matter whether our insulators travel for several hours to insulate a small surface or work continuously on site for days on a large surface.

The price of foam insulation may vary depending on the type of material used and the nature of the surface to be insulated. It does not matter whether we insulate an internal wall or ceiling or an external surface. The prices without a UV protective layer are significantly lower than in the case of an external wall or roof insulation, where we have to protect the foam with polyurea.

The price of foam insulation also depends on whether preparatory work is required. Although the great advantage of the technology is that the old insulation and its layers do not have to be dismantled, there are cases where this is unavoidable. During the insulation, small polyurethane particles fly in the air, which is why there are jobs where it may be necessary to cover nearby windows and landmarks. Such and similar works may affect the price as they require time and resources.

The price of foam insulation largely depends on factors such as the condition of the building and accessibility difficulties.

In order to receive an accurate foam insulation price, it is recommended that you contact us to review your unique project and specific local conditions.

Dispersed foam uses

Flat roof insulation with closed-cell membrane

Flat roof

Waterproofing and thermal insulation of new or old flat roofs, without demolition. Even on an existing bituminous surface - without demolition.

Attic floor insulation

Attic floor

More than half of the heat loss leaves through the slab, so the insulation of the slabs is extremely important. 

Attic Insulation


Insulation of uninhabited attics between the rafters. We can insulate a residential attic from the outside by removing the shell.


Hall, warehouse

Shape-following heat and water insulation is unbeatable on lightweight buildings. Forget condensation problems!

Stable Insulation with Purhab

Stable, barn, grain storage

Sterile, washable surface. Without complicated fixing. Where the time factor is important, it is an advantage to insulate up to 1,000 m2 per day.

Facade Insulated Purfoam

Side wall

Heat and sound insulation of internal side walls. Insulation of external facades. Can be used even on plastered walls.

Socket Insulation Closed-cell Purfoam

Attic floor insulation

The walkable polyurethane foam layer is ideal for gap-free insulation of specially shaped rooms, stairs, machinery.

Ceiling insulation

Ceiling insulation

If you have an unheated living space, basement or underground garage under your apartment, purhab is the perfect solution for you.

Trapezoidal sheet insulation with PU foam

Trapezoid plate

Dripping steam is not only annoying, but can also cause damage to the building. The solution is foam insulation.

Wave slate insulation

Wave slate

The majority of slate roofs get wet, and their insulation can only be done economically with purfoam

Tank Insulation

Tank, container

Thermal insulation and corrosion protection of tanks simply, quickly and efficiently.

Terrace insulation


Heat, water and sound insulation of terraces in one step, with a 10-year guarantee.

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