Hall, warehouse insulation

Our company specializes in thermal and waterproofing of halls, warehouses and office buildings. All this with a 10-year warranty!


Closed cell foam


300 m2/day


5+ cm


55 kg/m3

Hall insulation, industrial properties

The weak point of lightweight buildings is heat loss and waterlogging caused by metal structures. We offer come across completely uninsulated trapezoidal sheet roofs and side walls. In such cases, in addition to high heating bills, condensation also causes a serious problem. Hall insulation made with traditional materials is often difficult to install or only answers one problem. Fixing will not be a problem with polyurethane foam, because the insulating layer adheres to the walls with the power of the instant adhesive, fills the gaps, and seals it airtight.

With closed-cell foam, you can easily solve three problems in one step: with our excellent thermal insulationthe maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Even with the minimum thickness we can eliminate waterlogging. With the foam insulation condensation can be eliminated.

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Hall insulation problems

  • Machines, products and real estate are damaged due to water leaking and condensation problems.
  • Due to fluctuating temperatures, workers' comfort is low and heating and cooling costs are high.
  •  The lightweight building is not stable enough, the wind blows through it.
  • Traditional insulation materials are difficult to install.


  • It gives excellent thermal insulation. Already 3 cm thickness is enough to protect against water: 100% waterproofing! The material is vapor diffusive, and you can also forget about condensation problems as well.
  • Easy to install, adheres to all surfaces with the power of instant adhesive. It fills the gaps and seals it airtight.
  • Material with high compressive strength, statically strengthens the building.

Other information

It is a key issue in the insulation of industrial properties time factor. With us, you don't have to take the building out of production for a long time: we can insulate up to 1,000 m2 per day.

Before insulation, it is important to cover what you want to protect! If working from the inside, we have to pay attention to the fact that during the insulation, small particles can get on uncovered landmarks, machines, and products.

With our stands we can work up to a height of 7.5 m. To insulate buildings higher than this, we need to rent a personal lift.

Imortant! For the insulation of corrugated slate or trapezoidal sheet, we use 10-20% more material than for a flat roof with the same floor area.

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Why with us?

We work continuously with the largest capacity, 10 trucks and 25 specialists, all over the country. We come to work with the most modern, new tools.

We work with qualified, premium quality raw materials. We buy big quantities from our suppliers, so we can work on lower prices than our competitors.

You can take the guarantee for our work seriously: we have been insulating for more than 12 years.

We don't know anything impossible. Unique, problematic projects are also realized with us. Insulation is the heart of our experienced team. 

If you are interested, we will assess your property free of charge. 


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