Ceiling insulation

The insulation of slabs that cool from below is extremely important. Ceiling insulation prevents drafts and solves problems caused by cold floors. You will feel the difference under your feet!




300 m2/day


5+ cm


15-35 kg/m3

Slab insulation cooling from below, ceiling insulation

If there are unheated rooms below the residential level of the building, the floor is insulated from below. If there is an unheated living space, basement or underground garage under your apartment, or if the floor protrudes from the building and is in contact with the open air, purfoam is the perfect solution for you.

If you were to insulate the slab from above, Click here!

We insulate wooden, concrete and steel slabs with polyurethane foam. The material provides excellent thermal insulation and 100% air tightness. Not only the cold floor, the heat loss will be remedied! The ceiling insulation closes gaps and cracks, thus providing excellent sound insulation, or it stands in the way of moisture and musty smells.

Polyurethane foam insulation, unlike traditional materials, does not require any fixing technique, it adheres perfectly to wooden or concrete surfaces. The sprayed foam is used as a liquid, which expands into foam, hardens in seconds, and does not have time to drip back. It seals completely and does not move, there are no gaps that allow for annoying drafts. Perfect ceiling insulation quickly and efficiently.

Closed or open cell?

In the case of wooden floors, we prefer closed-cell insulation for ceiling insulation. When using open cell material, water vapor can penetrate the insulation more easily and become trapped between the insulation and the wood floor base. This can lead to rotting of joists and sub-flooring and moisture ingress, creating an ideal environment for mold to grow. The finished floor may swell and bow.



Slab and ceiling insulation with traditional materials

It is an almost impossible task to install board insulation perfectly and without noise. If the insulation breaks or cracks due to the movement of the building, the thermal seal weakens and thermal bridges form. Through the joints and cracks, the cold can seep up from below, dissipating the warm interior air.

Difficult and expensive to install. When you add the cost of shipping, sizing, fitting, fixing and cleaning to the cost of traditional materials, purfoam is more than a competitive option.

If you are not insulating a new slab, you must make serious preparations for the installation of board insulation, for example: move the wires, remove the old insulation, make the surface flat.

The execution is particularly time-consuming due to the complicated knotting.

Traditional materials provide little or no sound insulation, or they are not waterproof.

A greater thickness will be required to achieve the same thermal insulation effect.

Garage, basement, ceiling insulation with PU foam

It provides better insulation than any other traditional insulation material. You can count on lower cooling and heating costs. Your property will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

A completely gap-free solution, therefore a perfect sealing layer. It provides a continuous, waterproof layer. Due to its vapor diffusion property, the house remains breathable.

It sticks well, there is no complicated fastening.

Rodents don't like it, they don't get through it.

It has a long service life, the foam does not shrink or settle over years. Unlike most traditional insulation materials, it retains its effectiveness for decades.

You get a 10-year product warranty from our company. 100% Our Hungarian-owned company group has been dealing with polyurethane insulation for 12 years.

You do not have to dismantle and transport the old insulation. Fast and clean execution.

Fast: it takes about 1 day to insulate an average home.

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