Wave slate insulation

The best solutions for corrugated board insulation. Heat and water insulation in one, without dismantling or complicated fixing.


Closed cell


300 m2/day


3+ cm


45 kg/m3

Corrugated slate insulation - why with foam?

In our country, the insulation of many corrugated slate roofs has not been solved. Waterproofing a corrugated slate roof and renovating outdated roof structures would often cost more than building a new roof. The majority of slate roofs get wet, and their insulation can only be done economically with purfoam. 

  • Excellent, air-tight thermal insulation - no more thermal bridges, condensation problems, mold
  • Gap-free surface – no more soaking
  • It's not hot in the summer -  workers' sense of comfort is higher
  • You save in winter - heating costs go down
  • Flexible – does not crack due to expansion movements
  • Strong - statically strengthens the roof
  • Easy, the roof is minimally loaded
  • safe - Material classified as fire protection B2, does not fuel fire
  • quick - we insulate up to 1,000 m2 in one day
  • Clean - no waste or shipping costs.

Faults in corrugated slate

  • If the corrugated slate is broken, the building will get wet. 
  • Waterproofing with other technology is very difficult and expensive to solve.
  • Corrugated slate is a hazardous waste. Demolition and removal of an aged roof is a huge expense
  • Its thermal insulation is difficult. Cotton insulation fixed from the inside slips off, collapses, becomes moldy when exposed to water or moisture, and moreover, they have gaps - they are not airtight.
  • Environmental influences, even hail, can cause serious damage to the roof structure.

Corrugated slate insulation from the outside or inside

If the underside of the surface is not covered, we usually insulate the corrugated slate structures from the inside, so you do not have to pay for the UV protection layer. The building must be evacuated before the corrugated slate roof is insulated, and the machines and products left inside must be covered.

If we cannot insulate from the inside, we will strengthen the roof with pallets so that we can work on it safely. For external work, a UV protective layer must be applied!

Wave slate waterproofing - why with us?

We work continuously with the largest capacity, 10 trucks and 25 insulators, all over the country. We come to work with the most modern, new tools.

We work with qualified, premium quality raw materials. We buy big quantities from our suppliers, so we can work on lower prices than our competitors.

You can take the guarantee for our work seriously: we have been insulating for more than 12 years.

We don't know anything impossible. Unique, problematic projects are also realized with us. Insulation is the heart of our experienced team. 

If you are interested, we will assess the property to be insulated free of charge. 


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