Insulation of the inner side wall, outer facade and plinth


Closed or open cell 


300 m2/day


5+ cm


55 kg/m3

Insulation of external or internal side walls with closed or open cell foam

Heat, sound and water insulation in one step, quickly and efficiently. It can be used on all construction materials: noble plaster, brick, plasterboard, ytong, plate, wood, etc. The homogeneous side wall insulation we apply is completely free of gaps and joints, there is no air movement, no heat loss. Particularly effective for wall planes with special shapes, for insulating curved shapes, etc.

Insulation of the inner side walls with purfoam has long been popular, especially for lightweight buildings. Our company also undertakes the insulation of external facade walls. You can read about both topics below.


Due to the spray technology, the foam insulation is not completely flat, the edges are not straight. If you want completely flat walls and do not plan to cover the insulation with a front wall, straightening the edges and smoothing the planes will mean extra material and work for the masons! You can simply cover the insulation of the inner side walls with plasterboard.

Internal side wall insulation

Purfoam is an effective and quick solution for heat and sound insulation of internal side walls/partitions. The excellent properties of gap-free foam make it an unbeatable solution for vertical walls: it doesn't slide down, it's airtight, rodents can't get into the side wall, and the execution is lightning fast.

Closed or open?

If a larger hollow space needs to be filled and moisture resistance is not particularly important to you, you can also choose open-cell purfoam. The cheaper open-cell product is lighter and softer than its rigid closed-cell counterpart, and due to its lower price, it is a more economical solution if the goal is to completely fill a relatively deep wall. It is important to know that open-cell foam provides poorer thermal insulation, a thicker layer will be needed to achieve the same thermal insulation. Click here, if you would like to read more about the open cell material!

Facade insulation

Facade insulation effectively! Heat and water insulation in one step, the result is stronger, denser wall surfaces than with usual facade insulation. It can also be used on plastered or unplastered facade walls, it adheres strongly to most construction materials (noble plaster, brick, ytong, plate/panel, steel, wood). As with all exterior work, we must protect the foam from the sun with a UV protective layer. If you cover the wall later, plaster it, or build a front wall, this is of course not necessary. It's more You can read about UV protection here.

The homogeneous side wall insulation we apply is completely free of gaps and joints, there is no air movement, no heat loss. It is particularly effective in the case of specially shaped wall planes, for insulating curved shapes. The facade walls are always finished with closed-cell foam. If you would like to read more about the closed-cell material, click here!

Base insulation

One of the most important advantages of foam plinth insulation is complete waterproofing. This is extremely important as moisture can damage foundations and structure and contribute to mold growth. The foam plinth insulation can go underground. This means that the material is also applied below ground level, which provides additional protection to the building. The foam material does not favor the development of mold or fungus, so it provides a healthy environment in the building in the long term. The foam offers a gap-free solution. Purfoam can be easily and quickly applied to the plinth, so the insulation work can be completed in a short time. For surfaces that are not completely flat, such as stone or other convex surfaces, the purfoam plinth insulation is an unbeatable solution.

Side wall insulation with foam

  • Compared to other materials, half the thickness is enough
  • There are no junctions or breaks. Homogeneous, continuous
  • Gap-free insulation of specially shaped buildings and curved walls is possible
  • It doesn't rattle like Styrofoam. Solid, strong wall surface 
  • Rodents are the only ones who don't like foam insulation

General benefits of SPF

  • 100% waterproofing, excellent thermal insulation
  • It allows moisture to pass through to a certain extent, and your house remains breathable
  • Fast and clean execution
  • Gap- and gap-free insulation
  • It can be cleaned even with a high pressure washer
  • Simple layering - no breakdowns


Sidewall references

Truck foam insulation

Truck foam insulation

Purfoam insulation for trucks Purfoam is excellent for insulating trucks, ship hulls and containers. The biggest advantage is that the insulation follows its shape and sticks to all surfaces. With other insulation, it would be very difficult to fix, or exact tracking of the body...


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