Shingle roof insulation

February 4, 2024 | bitumen roof, Family house, flat roof, holiday home, roof plane from the outside

Effective insulation with closed-cell foam


Shingle roof insulation and modernization are extremely important for any building, especially for a family home. In the case of shingle roofs, it can often happen that water leaks occur due to deficiencies in the thermal insulation or damage to the roof.

In the case of a large, lightweight building, where due to deficiencies in the insulation of the shingle roof, water seepage occurred at several points, an urgent solution to the problems had to be found. The owner was already familiar with the advantages of closed-cell foam insulation when another building was insulated with this method. That's how he decided to use this solution to modernize the shingle roof as well.

During the works, 4 cm thick closed-cell foam was blown onto the shingle roof. This thickness is equivalent to an 8 cm thick insulation applied from traditional materials. According to the owner, even with the thin layer, the insulation of the building has improved significantly, and heating costs have decreased. In addition, the foam is also excellent for waterproofing the roof, thus effectively protecting the building from the penetration of moisture.

The surface of the foam is treated with UV-resistant paint, which provides additional protection against the environmental effects of the shingle roof and weather conditions. In this way, the shingle roof preserves its aesthetic appearance and functionality in the long term.

The use of closed-cell foam was also a beneficial solution from the point of view of investment costs. For the owner approx. At a price of HUF 10,000/m2, we managed to solve the modernization of the shingle roof and the treatment of the water leaks, which is considered extremely favorable in the case of solving such a complex problem.

The owner was very satisfied with the work done and the results achieved. Not only was it possible to effectively strengthen the building's insulation and prevent further flooding, but all of this was achieved cost-effectively and quickly. The insulation of the shingle roof with closed-cell foam was therefore an optimal solution to the problems and ensures the comfort and protection of the building in the long term.

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