Subfloor insulation

The hard, walkable foam is perfect even under concrete! Seamless thermal and waterproof insulation with breathable material? Ask for our offer!


Closed cell


300 m2/day


5-20 cm


55 kg/m3

Socket Insulation

Socket insulation

The insulation of the socket is extremely important, up to 30 percent of the heating and cooling energy can escape through the slab. Slab insulation reduces the noise level and protects against moisture and mold. Shape-following insulation is ideal along curved walls, around stairs and pipes. It is also an excellent option where the floor is not completely flat and traditional board insulations are difficult to apply. Thanks to the vapor diffusion property of the foam, the house remains breathable, preventing mold and mildew. 

  • heat and water insulation in one layer, vapor diffusive
  • it can also be used on uneven floors and curved walls
  • can be loaded with subgrade concrete, can be combined with underfloor heating
  • progress of up to 300 m2 per day, 10 year warranty

If you have a slab that cools from below and you would like to insulate the subfloor from below, see the "Ceiling" section: link


It does not provide waterproofing.

Insulation is not seamless, thermal bridges are created.

EPS insulation is difficult to fit along pipes, wires, and curved walls.

Greater layer thickness is required.

Difficult installation, if you also consider the cost of the work, the purfoam is more competitive.



Even half the thickness is enough to achieve the same thermal insulation.

Purfoam not only provides excellent thermal insulation, but also 100% waterproofing.

Perfect, form-following, gap-free insulation.

Fast installation, insulation of up to 300 m2 per day is possible.



In general, we recommend a minimum of 5 cm for the substrate. This thickness replaces approximately 8-10 cm of traditional insulating material. At this thickness, the closed-cell foam provides very effective moisture, vapor and heat insulation. We can blow a maximum 20 cm thick layer of the product. We insulate passive houses in this iron. The foam can be walked on after a few minutes!

Socket references

Insulation under the base concrete

Insulation under the base concrete

Insulation under concrete foundation We worked again in Budaőrs on the insulation of a newly built, minmál building. The insulation under the base concrete and the insulation of the slabs with foam is an extremely important step in the insulation process of a single-family house. Proper underfloor insulation...

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