"Hotel Insulation" - Innovations in the Panoráma Hotel, Köszeg

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Insulation not only improves the habitability of houses, but can also result in significant savings in energy bills in the long term. The Panoráma Hotel burned down a few years ago. Instead of rebuilding the old gable roof, the owner switched to a minimal style and created roof terraces above the apartments.

Fortunately, the roof slab remained undamaged in the fire. This created an opportunity for the hotel owner to rethink the insulation of the roof. The strong steel trapezoidal plates were thoroughly cleaned and then smoothed with OSB sheets to provide a perfect base for the scattered insulation.

The most modern solution was chosen for the insulation: 10 cm thick closed-cell foam was blown onto the roof surface. This technology was an ideal choice for insulation, as it has excellent thermal insulation properties and fits perfectly with the base surface, preventing the formation of a thermal bridge.

The new roof insulation also offers highly effective waterproofing! The owner proactively ensured proper drainage so that the insulation remains effective in the long term and is not damaged by rain or snow melt.

The new insulation offers not only a practical but also an aesthetically attractive solution. The vpc terrace covering gives the hotel's roof terrace an elegant appearance, and also provides a durable and easy-to-maintain surface that can withstand both weather conditions and frequent use.

The hotel insulation project carried out in the Panoráma Hotel can serve as a suitable reference for other buildings as well. This development not only increases energy efficiency, but also contributes to the hotel's long-term sustainability and competitiveness.

Finally, the new roof insulation and cladding of the Panoráma Hotel shows that even the biggest challenges can be successfully solved with the right design and technology. Insulating the hotel not only increases comfort, but also reduces sustainability and operating costs, which is favorable for both the owners and the guests in the long run.

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