Terrace insulation

Sprayed foam is the best solution for terrace insulation, as heat, water and sound insulation can be solved in one step. 


Closed cell foam 


350 m2/day 


3 to 20 cm 


55 kg/m3 

Terrace insulation

Polyurethane terrace insulation is the most effective thermal insulation available today, and it is also safe it also provides waterproofing in one step, without complicated layering. The big advantage of scattering technology is that it adheres to most construction materials with the power of instant adhesive, it can be used on bitumen, concrete or wooden closing slabs. The terrace before insulation we don't have to dismantle, or we will transport old insulation. The insulation is free of gaps and gaps, there are no more soakings or thermal bridges. 

Terrace insulation - covering

For external applications, the foam is covered with a UV protective layer made of polyurea. It is important to know that the Polyurea protective coating is not recommended for long-term physical stress, that is, if you actively use the terrace, a different coating must be used. After insulating the terrace, you can concrete and cover the foam. If you choose a simpler covering, covering with stone or wooden paving slabs, a gravel bed, or you can even build a green roof is suitable.

If you want to insulate due to waterlogging and thermal insulation is not an issue, the thickness of the terrace insulation can be a minimum layer of 3 cm. Although this thin layer still provides poor thermal insulation, it effectively protects your building against water. If thermal insulation is also a consideration, we naturally recommend a thicker layer. A 10 cm thick closed-cell foam insulation corresponds to 20 cm of traditional thermal insulation (cotton). 

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