Attic floor insulation

Closed-cell foam is an excellent solution for heat and water insulation of attic floors. The walkable insulation layer is completely homogeneous and gap-free.


Closed/open cell


300 m2/day


5+ cm


55 kg/m3

Attic floor insulation

More than half of the heat loss of properties leaves through the floor. The insulation of slabs and subfloors is therefore extremely important. Purfoam promises indisputable advantages over thermal insulation boards. It provides perfect, gap-free heat and water insulation where it would be difficult to insulate with other materials. It is an unbeatable solution even if you want to insulate on non-flat floors or along curved walls, around stairs and pipes. Thanks to the vapor-diffusive properties of polyurethane foam, the building remains breathable even after the slab has been insulated, thus preventing mold and mildew.

On the roof or slab? Closed or open cell?

If the attic is not inhabited and there are no plans to install it, then the attic floor is insulated instead of the roof plane. The insulation of the slab is more efficient, since the heat flowing upwards is not allowed to reach the roof. On the other hand, the construction is also cheaper, since in the case of a high roof, the surface of the slab is smaller than that of the roof planes.  If it is important that the insulation of the attic is walkable and load-bearing, we usually recommend closed-cell foam. If the attic is not used at all, open-cell foam can also be considered. This foam is cheaper, but provides poorer thermal insulation, or not waterproof!

Attic slab thermal insulation

General benefits of SPF

We can cut heating costs in half! Heat, water and sound insulation in a single work phase, with one layer.

It provides a continuous, waterproof layer. Due to its vapor diffusion property, the house remains breathable.

A completely gap-free solution, therefore a perfect sealing layer, perfect for pipes, curved walls, etc.

100% waterproofing, excellent thermal insulation. It allows moisture to pass through to a certain extent, so your house remains breathable.

You do not have to dismantle and transport the old insulation. Fast and clean execution.damage can be cleaned with a high pressure washer.

Loadable, high compressive strength, gap- and gap-free insulation.

Process of work

Before insulating, make sure that the receiving surface is dry and dust-free. Bearing in mind the fact that mduring work, the foam particles in the air can stick to any surface in their path, it is worth providing a protective cover to any surface, equipment, or wiring that you do not want to insulate. If you do not wish to deal with this, our company undertakes the covering at a calculated price depending on the surface. 

The thickness of the underfloor insulation is always decided by the customer, typically a minimum of 5 cm of closed-cell foam is requested for floor structures of residential buildings. The optimal thickness what we recommend is 10 cm - this thickness replaces 20 cm of eps.

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