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The purpose of the Energy Efficiency Obligation System is to support them energy efficiency investments. 


We can certify and pay a subsidy for a surface area of at least 800 m² and a PUR thickness of at least 10 cm.
We can only certify the subsequent thermal insulation above a heated or cooled space.


The purpose of EKR is to support them energy efficiency investments which can be used to reduce our country's carbon dioxide
emission. Consumers have demonstrated understanding energy savings as property rights becomes available for sale to obliged energy traders for. By doing so they provide a source of
for investments, improving its payback period, to a level that is already available to company managers acceptable.


Domestic electricity, natural gas and fuel traders have an obligation to save energy depending on the amount of the energy carrier they sell. They must achieve this savings themselves, or in the absence of this, the final energy users between 2021 and 2030, every year. If any energy trader fails to fulfill his obligation in any year, he must pay a contribution of HUF 50,000/GJ to the Hungarian state. Energy savings from energy efficiency projects must be checked and certified by a specialized energy auditing organization before being sold to the energy retailer.

Audit and authentication

Audited savings can be monetized.

✅ One-time fee for the audit and verification
(HUF/GJ), which is our commitment fee contain.

In case-by-case or framework contract construction
we contract

You definitely need at least one
financial support for the Obligor(s)
on the part of

⭕Contracting a contract with an Obligor is legal
its set of conditions is complicated and a
assuming responsibility is also complicated.

⭕ Administrative burdens must be taken into account a
Certified Energy Savings (HEM)
upon transfer.

⭕ The additionality must be handed over to the auditor
and supporting and proving the materiality

"All inclusive"

Full administration of audit and verification,
and in the sales process.
We are only entitled to a
for a success fee specified in the contract, if a
the User received a support source.
In case-by-case or framework contract construction
we contract.
A project can be saved by several Obligors can also be purchased.
Providing legal, technical and administrative support for sales.

The market value of savings is unpredictable.
It only results in a source of support if
it is possible to find an Obligor who is willing to a
to give money for savings.
Sales can be a longer process (e.g. a for projects resulting in thousands of GJ).
The conclusion of a contract with an Obligor is legal
its set of conditions can be complicated and a
assuming responsibility is also complicated.

One-goal framework contract


Comprehensive, complex service.
contractual conditions valid until 2030,
in which a minimum is defined,
sure support unit price for the User
for which you can plan.
Signing the framework agreement does not mean
obligation on the part of the User, but
you have the option of energy efficiency at any time
project to order.
We have no work fee or success fee, it ONLY means sales for the User!
✅ There is no contractual relationship with an Obligor
✅ We fulfill the additionality and
also the principle of materiality.
✅ Carrying out administrative activities is our task.
✅ The User receives the audit, authentication and the support source at the same time.
✅ The responsibility situation is clearer
for the person concerned (MEKH, End User,
Trader, Intermediary)!



  • In the EKR, only the Started after January 16, 2020 investments can be accounted for
  • Only investments with final energy savings can be accounted for! In the EKR, solar investments and the energy conversion sector cannot be accounted for
    energy savings generated in connection with energy transport provided to the energy industry
  • Accountable: Energy efficiency for buildings
  • The domestic EKR covers all end-user energy segments, i.e. industrial, residential, public, in transport, service and agricultural sectors alike!
  • High-cost measures with a payback period of more than 3 years
    – Facade thermal insulation/door and window replacement
    – Replacement of technological equipment

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