Residential house insulation

Nov 21, 2023 | flat roof, condominium

Residential house insulation, Siófok insulation

Siófok, a beautiful town on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, is a popular holiday resort, where the lakeside panorama and recreational programs attract people. In this pleasant environment, there is an older apartment building, whose flat roof and thermal insulation have caused problems for the residents for years.

The problem

As a result of poor thermal insulation in the apartment building, cold air flowed into the apartments on the upper floors in winter and hot air in summer. Due to the leaks, the side walls also got moldy, and the residents constantly complained about the heating and cooling costs. And due to defects in the flat roof, water began to leak from time to time during the rains, so rainy days became a nightmare for the residents.

In order to solve the problems, the management of the condominium decided to start insulating the apartment building. The insulation specialists conducted a thorough investigation and determined that the main problem was caused by faulty thermal insulation of the flat roof. As a result, significant heat loss occurred in the house, which led to an increase in energy consumption.

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The solution

The traditional bitumen insulation would only have solved the waterproofing, but the residents no longer trusted this insulation, as the tar insulation let them down.

One of the residents found our website, and he recommended the more modern technology - closed-cell purfoam thermal insulation. This solution is extremely effective, as it has excellent thermal insulation properties and is able to seal all gaps and cracks in the roof. During the application of closed-cell purfoam, our specialists worked carefully and precisely to pay attention to every detail and ensure full-scale insulation.

The house is insulated with foam insulation

As a result of the apartment building insulation works, the residents of the apartment building soon noticed the positive changes in their environment. The temperature in the apartments stabilized, the heating and cooling costs were significantly reduced, and the mold stains and odor disappeared from the walls. And the flat roof became completely waterproof, so the residents no longer had to worry about getting wet when it rained.

Thermal insulation with closed-cell foam not only drastically reduced the energy costs of the apartment building, but also improved the residents' sense of comfort. The investment will also pay off in the long term, as residents will spend less money on heating and cooling thanks to energy efficiency. The successful project in Siófok proves the effectiveness of modern thermal insulation technologies and can serve as an example for other properties with similar problems.

Siófok insulation 

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