Purhab insulation Thermal insulation of Tárnok, lightweight house

Jan 31, 2024 | Family house, garage, lightweight structure, holiday home, side wall

Tarnok purhab
The Modern Solution: Foam Insulation for Lightweight Houses

Foam insulation Tárnok

An innovative solution for insulating the inside of a lightweight addition.

1. **Effective thermal insulation in the beam gaps:**
Foam insulation Tárnok. One of the most important advantages of foam insulation is the effective application in the beam gaps. In the case of lightweight construction, it often happens that traditional insulating materials have difficulty getting into small details or tighter areas. However, the foam is easy to shape and perfectly fills the gaps, thus ensuring perfect thermal insulation. Purfoam does not move like traditional insulations.

2. **Ideal solution for ceiling insulation:**
Foam insulation can be particularly beneficial for insulating ceilings. In lightweight houses, it is often difficult to create adequate thermal insulation at the ceiling, but the foam is easy to apply and perfectly fits the upper parts, so it provides comprehensive protection against heat loss.

3. **Strengthening and stabilization of structure:**
One of the lesser-known advantages of foam insulation in lightweight houses is that it not only insulates, but also strengthens and stabilizes the structure. After adding the foam insulation, the walls and ceilings become stronger, which increases the durability and stability of the building in the long term.

4. **Optimal thermal insulation performance:**
The 10 cm thick foam layer ordered by our customers meets both the industry standards and the needs of the users. It is important to note that this thickness corresponds to approximately 20 cm thick conventional insulation material, so the purfoam provides outstanding thermal insulation performance, even in smaller thicknesses.

5. **Waterproofing and vapor protection:**
Last but not least, the foam insulation can also be used for waterproofing and vapor protection. Protection against moisture is of prime importance for lightweight houses, and foam foam performs excellently in this as well, preventing moisture from entering the building.

Overall, we can see that foam insulation has many advantages when used in lightweight houses. It provides effective thermal insulation, structural stabilization and waterproofing while providing optimal performance. If you also want to renovate your home or are looking for the most modern solutions in your construction, don't hesitate to choose purfoam insulation!

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