Hullámálk hall insulation in Solymár

Nov 21, 2023 | hall, wave shale

Hullámálk hall insulation in Solymár.

The 3,000 m2 roof got wet in many places, the owner asked us less about thermal insulation and more about eliminating waterlogging. Before insulating the corrugated board hall, we accurately measured the roof. Due to the wavy surface, we had to calculate with a 15% tablecloth. The roof of the building is now water-free, the owner is also satisfied, a new roof structure would have cost seven times our contract price!


Why is corrugated board hall insulation with closed-cell purfoam unbeatable?

Due to the outstanding properties of closed-cell purfoam corrugated slate, they prove to be an unbeatable choice based on many aspects.

1. **Structural Strength:**
– The closed-cell foam material is extremely strong and light, providing optimal strength and stability.
– The rigidity of closed cells effectively resists material deformation and breakage, providing long-term reliability.

2. **Impact resistance:**
– Flexible structure allows the foam to effectively resist impacts.
– Recovers its original shape, reducing damage caused by external forces, especially important in environments where external influences are common.

3. **Thermal insulation:**
– It has excellent thermal insulation properties, protecting the structure against thermal fluctuations and external heat sources.
- One of the biggest advantages of corrugated board hall insulation with PU foam is that effective thermal insulation helps to avoid condensation problems.

4. **Water resistance:**
– It does not absorb water, resisting moisture and weather effects.
– Prevents mold, mildew and other water-related damage.

5. **Corrosion pressure resistance:**
– The support structure will be protected from water, corrosion excluded.
– It results in a low maintenance requirement.

6. **Quick Execution:**
– Corrugated hall insulation with purfoam also wins where the time factor is important! Simple installation, immediate use.
– Minimizes the total duration of the project, with economical labor.

7. **Affordable Price:**
– About HUF 10,000/m2 from the outside, competitive on the construction market.

8. **Without demolition:**
– It does not require demolition or environmentally damaging activities.
– A sustainable and environmentally friendly solution, ideal in terms of durability and efficiency.

Together, these advantages make closed-cell purfoam corrugated slate an outstanding choice in many application areas, ensuring durability, efficiency and economy.

Together, these advantages make the closed-cell purfoam corrugated slate an extremely efficient and economical choice in many areas of application.

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