Flat roof insulation Budapest 12th district

Jul 8, 2022 | flat roof, condominium

Budapest flat roof insulation!

We insulated in Budapest at the top of the 12th district. Insulation of a 200 m2 surface on a bituminous roof, 5 cm thick, with UV protection The residents were dissatisfied with the insulation, or a few apartments were also soaked.

Flat roof insulation information

SPF provides thermal insulation that is twice as effective as traditional insulating materials (closed-cell polyurethane foam has 0.023 λ [W/mK]).

We promise 100% waterproofing even with the minimum thickness of 3 cm. No more condensation problems. The material lets the vapor through to a certain extent, this way your house remains breathable.

A continuous, gap- and thermal-bridge free surface. Light, yet rigid, walkable surface. The foam and the protective UV layer follows the movement of the building, there are no expansion problems.

Simple layering - no chance of failure. You do not need to dismantle or transport the old insulation before making the scattered insulation.

Rodents do not like foam, or they don't find gaps where they get into the old insulation materials.


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