SKYPOOL pool insulation

Jul 7, 2022 | pool, hotel

Pool insulation in Zalakaros, in the MENDAN hotel.


We were called to Zalakaros because of pool insulation. The pool and its fittings were insulated from below with a 10 cm thick layer of pur.

MenDan's two-thirds rooftop pool with a transparent bottom, the Sky Pool, has opened, where the experience of splashing is accompanied by a fabulous panorama and real thrills. Up for adrenaline adventures! Unique, extra spectacular and unforgettable.

SKY Pool - Ready to splash

Experiences in numbers

  • 750 m2 sun terrace, next to the pool with a glass terrace, with comfortable deckchairs
  • 6×26 meter pool with 2/3 transparent wall and base, sparkling elements
  • 1.1-1.4 meter water depth
  • At a height of 16 meters, on the 5th floor
  • in a circle with a panoramic corridor
  • Panoramic sauna for 80 people, with plunge pool, relaxation and sunbathing terrace, ice fountain (18+)
  • Sky bar with many mouth-watering snacks and refreshments - with its own kitchen, unique food and drink menu

Have a good splash!

Advantages of pool insulation with foam

Purfoam pool insulation has outstanding benefits when applied to the exterior walls of the pool. Purfoam is a light, polymer-based material that can be easily applied and fills the small gaps and cracks of surfaces, so it has excellent insulating properties.

One of the most important advantages is thermal insulation. The foam effectively reduces heat flow through the outer wall of the pool, thus minimizing heat loss and heat absorption. This helps stabilize the pool water temperature and saves energy by reducing heating and cooling costs.

In addition, the foam has excellent soundproofing properties. When applied to the outer walls of the pool, it reduces the transmission of noise to the surrounding areas, thus creating a more pleasant and calm environment.

The foam insulation also provides excellent water resistance. When applied to the walls of the pool, a perfectly sealed layer is created, which prevents moisture from entering the walls. This prevents damage to the walls and problems caused by moisture.

Overall, foam insulation is a great choice for insulating the exterior walls of your pool. In addition to its heat and sound insulation properties, it provides water resistance, contributing to the energy efficiency and durability of the pool.



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