Insulation Monor - modernization of a ruined foam roof

Nov 8, 2022 | factory building, flat roof

Insulation Monor. The latest Monori reference: we worked at the site of B&K Kft in autumn 2022. The building's 15-year-old foam insulation did not receive modern UV protection, so the foam layer dried out, cracked, and replaced the slab. We agreed with the Customer that the old insulation should be removed and the new insulation should be applied to the cleaned surface. Although the old 10 cm thick foam layer was old, it was not easy to pick it up.

Flat roof reference - Monor

Insulation Monor

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Insulation Monor! Why with us?

We work continuously with the largest capacity, 10 trucks and 25 specialists, all over the country. We come to work with the most modern, new tools.

We work with qualified, premium quality raw materials. We buy big quantities from our suppliers, so we can work on lower prices than our competitors.

You can take the guarantee for our work seriously: we have been insulating for more than 12 years.

We don't know anything impossible. Unique, problematic projects are also realized with us. Insulation is the heart of our experienced team. 

If you are interested, we will assess your property free of charge. 

Insulation Monor - Closed-cell foam

Insulation MonorA closed-cell foam is the best thermal insulation available today, the unique advantage of which is that it also provides 100% waterproofing to the insulated building. Its surface is strong, compact and walkable. Our machines installed in our trucks mix the two liquid components, which we apply to the surface through a heated hose. After being blown out, the substance changes from a liquid to a solid state in a few seconds, while it swells to forty times its original volume. The structure of closed-cell foam has a tight cell structure, it is stiffer and stronger than open-cell foam, so it is also suitable for insulating slabs, flat roofs, and terraces. It can be used on any construction materials used today. Insulation Monor


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Polyurea UV protection

If the closed-cell foam is used outside the building, the insulation must be protected from the harmful effects of the sun. We recommend a special synthetic resin for this. UV coating solutions can be used valso as a water-blocking coating and corrosion protection. The UV protective layer forms a perfect gap-sealing, continuous, durable waterproof surface without seams or expansion. The versatile use of UV protection is due to its waterproof, wear-resistant, non-slip, flexible yet high hardness properties. The special two-component reactor heats the insulating material, which enters the spray gun through heated pipes and is then blown onto the surface at a pressure of 240 bar. After application, the material solidifies in a few seconds and reaches its perfect and final physical and chemical state in 24 hours.

Insulation Monor 

Read more about the material: here

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