Housing renovation subsidy

The start of the 2024 home renovation program is an important step towards improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings. According to the National Association of Construction Contractors (ÉVOSZ), this program will start in the first quarter of the year as a companion to chocolate plus, but the exact date has not yet been determined. The aim of the initiative is to encourage the energy modernization of homes and the use of environmentally friendly technologies, thus contributing to the long-term sustainability of buildings and the reduction of energy consumption.

Currently, the main elements of the planned program include facade insulation, replacement of windows and doors, and thermal insulation of the slab. These are basic renovation areas that significantly affect the energy management and comfort of buildings. According to ÉVOSZ's proposal, the method of allocating subsidies would change from the current non-refundable form to an interest-subsidized loan scheme, which could help even more people get access to investments that promote energy efficiency.

According to the planned tender options, the focus of home renovations would be on improving energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources. This means that they would support the use of technologies and materials that reduce energy consumption and produce energy in an environmentally friendly way. As part of the tenders, non-refundable grants of up to 50% would be available, up to a maximum of HUF 3-4 million, to help people improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

The introduction of the new housing renovation program largely depends on the decision of the Ministry of Economic Development (GFM), who are currently still negotiating on the subject. It is expected that the final details and the exact conditions of the applications will be made public at the same time as the program starts.

The introduction of the home renovation program not only helps the owners of the buildings, but also contributes to environmental protection and the achievement of the country's energy saving goals. More energy-efficient homes not only reduce utility costs, but make people's lives more sustainable and comfortable in the long run, while reducing the country's energy dependence and environmental footprint.

Housing renovation grant in summary:

The 2024 housing renovation program offers a promising opportunity for development in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability in Hungary. With the planned measures, it will be easier for people to modernize their homes energetically, which can bring significant benefits both at the individual and community level in the long term.

Source: Forbes

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