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Debrecen foam insulation

Trapezoidal sheet insulation is a frequently used method in the construction of roofs and walls. This insulation technique provides effective waterproofing, but does not provide thermal insulation and can get wet. As with all construction methods, trapezoidal sheet insulation can have defects that require effective solutions. In this article, we review common mistakes in trapezoidal sheet insulation and present the perfect solution of PUR foam insulation.

  1. Missing or damaged insulation: One of the most common mistakes in trapezoidal insulation is a missing or damaged insulation layer. This allows the transfer of heat energy and the propagation of moisture and sound. Defective insulation reduces the building's energy efficiency and comfort.

Solution: The perfect solution is the application of PUR foam insulation. Polyurethane foam (PUR foam) has excellent thermal insulation properties and perfectly fills the gaps between the trapezoidal sheet and the insulation layer. This prevents the formation of thermal bridges and effectively insulates the building from heat loss and sound transmission. Thanks to the uniform, closed-cell structure of PUR foam insulation, it has an excellent vapor barrier, which prevents the ingress of moisture and the formation of mold.

Debrecen foam insulation

  1. System errors: Sometimes the fault of the trapezoidal plate insulation lies in an improperly designed system. Poorly executed connections, poorly placed gaskets or the use of unsuitable insulating materials can cause errors.

Solution: PUR foam insulation can also be a perfect solution for system errors. PUR foam can be quickly and easily applied to the trapezoidal plate and can be easily shaped to fit individual joints and gaps. This ensures a perfect fit and error-free insulation.

  1. Low sound insulation: Another common fault of trapezoidal sheet insulation is low sound insulation. This problem can be particularly important for buildings where noise reduction is important, such as offices or residential buildings.

Solution: PUR foam insulation has excellent soundproofing properties. The uniform and closed-cell structure reduces the penetration of noise and provides a pleasant and quiet environment in the building.


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Debrecen purfoam insulation – trapezoid plate

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