Purfoam insulation Tapolca

Jun 18, 2023 | office building, flat roof, trapezoid plate

Purfoam insulation Tapolca

Trapezoidal sheet is a building material often used in roof structures and walls, and has many advantages. In connection with our Purhab insulation Tapolca project, our task was to insulate a trapezoidal sheet roof from the outside. Polyurethane is a very effective solution for insulating the trapezoidal sheet. Purfoam has excellent thermal insulation properties and can prevent heat loss and cold penetration. UV protection is also an important aspect of trapezoidal sheet insulation. UV radiation can damage the insulation material, reducing its effectiveness and lifespan. Therefore, as part of the insulation of the trapezoidal sheet, a UV protective layer must be applied on the surface of the foam. This protection prevents damage caused by UV radiation and preserves the effectiveness of the insulation material in the long term.

Covering the outer side of the surface with foam is a simple process. First, the surface of the trapezoidal sheet must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared. Then, the purfoam should be applied to the trapezoidal plate with a spray gun to form an even layer. It is important that the entire surface is evenly covered by the foam so that the insulation is effective. The UV protection layer is then applied to the foam. This layer helps to protect the foam from the harmful effects of UV radiation and prevents premature deterioration and a decrease in the effectiveness of the insulation. Insulating the roof from the outside with foam and UV protection offers many advantages. First, it significantly improves the thermal insulation of the roof or wall, reducing heat loss and energy consumption. In addition, UV protection helps maintain the effectiveness of the insulation in the long term, so the insulation has a longer service life.

The fact that we had to cover the foam insulation with a Tapolca UV layer meant additional costs for the client. All in all, if effective trapezoidal insulation is required, it is worth considering covering it with foam and UV protection on the outside. This solution can greatly contribute to the building's energy efficiency and comfort, as well as extend the life of the insulation. Proper design and coating of insulation can offer long-term benefits to users.

The foam insulation Tapolca was excellent!

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