Repair of a trapezoidal sheet roof

Jul 8, 2023 | factory building, trapezoid plate

Repair of a trapezoidal sheet roof


Roof renovation with external closed-cell foam in the Miskolc Csarnok

Roofs face many challenges over time. In particular, trapezoidal sheet roofs can suffer from problems such as displacement due to expansion, gaps at riveting and joints, and missing thermal insulation. The owners of the Miskolc Hall also experienced these problems when the light window frames got wet. However, the owner did not want to insulate the entire roof surface, he was looking for a simpler form of roof renovation. That's when the application of closed-cell dispersed purfoam on the outside came up.

Why SPF?

The closed-cell spray foam on the outside is an extremely effective way to repair and insulate trapezoidal roofs. This technology is based on a two-component foam system that is sprayed onto the roof surface using special devices. During the application, the sprayed foam takes the shape of the roof, thus providing gap- and gap-free insulation. This provides a significant advantage in eliminating gaps at joints and riveting, thereby preventing water ingress.

One of the biggest advantages of this technology is that the foam follows the shape of the roof extremely precisely. This allows the roof to be perfectly sealed and protected. In addition, the foam has excellent thermal insulation properties. This means that the owners of the Miskolc Hall can not only eliminate waterlogging during the repair, but can also achieve long-term energy efficiency through the roof. The lack of thermal insulation is a common problem with trapezoidal roofs, which can cause significant heat loss. This problem can be effectively solved by using purhab.

In details

The owners of the Miskolc Hall also considered it important to carry out the roof renovation in a cost-effective manner. Therefore, the repair was priced in strips, on a square meter basis. This made it possible to accurately calculate the repair and optimize the amount of material to apply the foam only to the affected areas. This approach further reduced costs while effectively solving the problem of waterlogging.

All in all, the use of closed-cell spray foam on the outside is an excellent solution for the repair and insulation of trapezoidal roofs. The owners of Miskolc Csarnok chose this technology to solve the problem of the window frames being soaked. The foam provides gap- and gap-free insulation, follows the shape of the roof exactly like 100%, and has excellent thermal insulation properties. In addition, the method of repairing in strips allows for a cost-effective approach, minimizing material use and maximizing efficiency. Through the use of foam, the owners of the Miskolc Hall received a long-term solution to the problem of their roof, while improving energy efficiency and preventing further damage.


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