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Jul 12, 2023 | Family house, flat roof

Plot insulation: we insulated a beautiful family house in the Buda agglomeration, whose roof structure had been suffering from problems for a long time. The original tin flat roof was damaged in several places and soaked, so urgent insulation was needed.

Since the house is rented out, the owner decided to investigate the most cost-effective and fastest way to repair the roof. Replacing the tin would be expensive and take a long time. Instead, the solution came: the use of closed-cell foam on the roof.

Closed-cell foam is an excellent thermal insulation material that effectively prevents heat transfer and moisture penetration. The advantage was that it was easy to apply to the existing tin flat roof and was cheaper than the cost of a complete roof replacement. The material is applied in the form of foam to the affected areas, and after setting, a strong and resistant layer is formed.

This is why Telki insulation was successful.

The advantages of closed-cell purfoam:

  1. Excellent thermal insulation: Purfoam is an extremely effective thermal insulation material, reducing heat loss in winter and preventing excessive heat ingress in summer.
  2. Insulation performance: Due to its high thermal conductivity, it effectively insulates even in a thin layer, minimizing the thickness of the roof profile.
  3. Leakproofness: The foam fills the gaps between the surfaces, reducing air intrusion and water structure problems.
  4. Water resistance: Closed-cell foam is water-resistant, thus preventing moisture from entering the roof system.
  5. Durability: Due to its long life, purfoam requires little maintenance and is resistant to weather and environmental damage.
  6. Light weight: Due to the low weight, it imposes a minimal load on the roof and the supporting structure.
  7. Flexibility: It adapts well to the surface of the roof, and is excellent for any form of flat roof.
  8. Energy efficiency: Reduces heating and cooling costs, helping energy efficiency.
  9. Environmentally friendly: Closed-cell purfoam has low emissions and produces less waste thanks to its long service life.
  10. Sound insulation: Purfoam has excellent sound insulation properties, thus reducing the penetration of external noise.

Closed-cell foam insulation is an ideal choice for flat roofs, as it combines effective thermal insulation, water resistance, durability and environmentally friendly features.

With the purhab, the soaking was solved and the attic received an additional thermal insulation upgrade. We concluded another successful project with the Telki inspection!

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