Insulation under the base concrete

February 1, 2024 | socket, Family house, holiday home, attic

Insulation under the base concrete

We worked again in Budaőrs on the insulation of a newly built, minimal building. The insulation under the base concrete and the insulation of the slabs with foam is an extremely important step in the insulation process of a single-family house. Proper underfloor insulation determines the thermal and sound insulation performance of the building, and contributes to energy efficiency and the comfort of the residents.

During the aforementioned project, the specialists paid special attention to insulation already at the foundations. The layer under the base concrete received a 6 cm thick polyurethane insulation material, which effectively prevents heat loss on the building's levels, thereby preventing heat transfer from the cold ground to the interior of the building, thus improving energy efficiency and heating costs.

The foam fills and perfectly insulates the gaps and joints in the building, thus preventing the formation of thermal bridges and heat loss. The closed-cell foam used perfectly adapts to the shape and unevenness of the building, so insulation is ensured even in places where traditional board insulation would be difficult to apply.

For the owner, it was important that the building be fully insulated without cracks or gaps. This is important because even the smallest gaps and gaps can cause significant heat loss. However, in a newly built property, professionally performed foam insulation guarantees a perfectly closed and homogeneous insulation layer, thus minimizing energy loss and improving the building's ability to retain heat.

Despite the fact that due to the shape of certain points of the building, there was barely a few centimeters of space for the insulation material, the specialists still successfully solved the installation of an insulation layer of the appropriate thickness. This is the result of precise work and appropriate expertise, which ensures optimal thermal insulation and energy efficiency of the building.

Overall, it can be said that the insulation under the subfloor concrete and the insulation of the slabs with foam were essential steps in ensuring the energy-efficient and comfortable living of this high-value family house. Thanks to proper insulation, the building stays warmer and quieter, thus minimizing heating costs and increasing the comfort of the home's residents.

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