Corrugated roof insulation

February 4, 2024 | Family house, ceramic plate, wave shale, lightweight structure, holiday home, attic

Esztergom insulation reference

When renovating the family house in Esztergom, insulation was an important aspect for the owner. Due to the previously uninsulated corrugated iron roof, the owners not only struggled with energy efficiency and heat loss, but also faced waterlogging and condensation problems upstairs.

The solution was to use 10 cm thick closed-cell polyurethane foam (PUR foam) insulation on the corrugated roof. This modern insulation solution effectively seals the roof, preventing heat loss and reducing the chance of moisture ingress.

We paid special attention to thoroughly cover all parts of the roof and to carefully seal the connection points and penetrations so that there are no cold bridges or thermal bridges in the roof structure. As a result, the foam insulation became completely gap-free, making maximum use of its efficiency and advantages.

After the installation of the new corrugated roof insulation, our company undertook a 10-year guarantee against waterlogging. This not only increases the safety of the owners, but also indicates that we trust the quality and efficiency of the insulation.

The results were clear: roof insulation significantly reduced energy bills through reduced heating and cooling costs. In addition, waterlogging and condensation problems have completely disappeared, so the residents can finally live in a comfortable, dry and healthy home.

This corrugated roof insulation project not only increased the value of the property and improved the comfort of the owners, but also provided a long-term sustainable and environmentally friendly solution in terms of energy efficiency and comfort.

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