Mar 14, 2023 | Family house, side wall

Marcali side wall insulation

We insulated a side wall in Marcali! We applied a 6 cm thick insulating layer on a total of 200 m2!

Marcali - side wall insulation


Marcali dispersed purfoam insulation

Facade insulation effectively! Heat and water insulation in one step, the result is stronger, denser wall surfaces than with usual facade insulation. It can also be used on plastered or unplastered facade walls, it adheres strongly to most construction materials (noble plaster, brick, ytong, plate/panel, steel, wood). As with all exterior work, we must protect the foam from the sun with a UV protective layer. If you cover the wall later, plaster it, or build a front wall, this is of course not necessary. It's more You can read about UV protection here.

The homogeneous side wall insulation we apply is completely free of gaps and joints, there is no air movement, no heat loss. It is particularly effective in the case of specially shaped wall planes, for insulating curved shapes. In all cases, the exterior walls are made with closed-cell foam. If you would like to read more about the closed-cell material, click here!


Due to the spray technology, the foam insulation is not completely flat, the edges are not straight. If you want completely flat walls and do not plan to cover the insulation with a front wall, straightening the edges and smoothing the planes will mean extra material and work for the masons! You can simply cover the insulation of the inner side walls with plasterboard. 

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