Mar 23, 2023 | flat roof, hotel

Purfoam insulation Zalakaros!


We insulated the flat roof of the Belenus Hotel. Hotel flat roof insulation is critical for comfort, efficiency and sustainability. Foam insulation is an excellent choice in this case and has many advantages. Purfoam insulation in Zalakaros!

First of all, foam insulation is an extremely effective thermal insulator. When used on a flat roof, it significantly reduces heat loss in winter and heat inflow in summer. This results in a more balanced indoor temperature, minimizing heating and cooling costs. The closed-cell structure of the foam effectively prevents the flow of heat and contributes to the hotel's energy efficiency.

Secondly, foam has excellent soundproofing properties. When applied to the flat roof of the hotel, it significantly reduces the penetration of external noise, for example traffic noise or air traffic noise. This allows for a calm and undisturbed rest for guests, improving the overall experience.

In addition, PU foam is an extremely light material that can be easily applied to a flat roof. It can be flexibly shaped to fill cracks, gaps and other insulation problems, guaranteeing a perfect fit and waterproofing. Purfoam perfectly seals the roof, preventing water ingress and moisture damage.

Purfoam insulation is durable and long-lasting. It does not deform, collapse or crack and is resistant to the harmful effects of the weather. This ensures that the hotel's flat roof remains protected against moisture, mold and other damages in the long term.

Finally, foam insulation is an environmentally friendly solution. The material does not contain harmful chemicals and reduces energy consumption in the hotel. Through effective thermal insulation, the emission of greenhouse gases can be reduced, contributing to sustainable operation.

Overall, foam insulation is an ideal solution for the hotel's flat roof. Another reference: PU foam insulation Zalakaros

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