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Apr 21, 2021 | Family house, attic floor

We insulated an attic floor in Budafok with the maximum 20 cm closed-cell foam layer

In Budafok, we insulated a family house built in the spirit of modern architecture and environmental awareness. The owners of the house paid special attention to efficient thermal insulation. One of the key steps to increase the comfort and energy efficiency of the home was to get the attic floor properly insulated. Closed-cell foam with a maximum thickness of 20 cm was chosen, which corresponds to 40 cm of cotton insulation.

The insulation of the attic floor is a critical point of the thermal insulation system of the house.

A significant part of the heat loss occurs through the roof/ceiling. If the attic is not properly insulated, the heating costs can increase drastically and the temperature in the apartment will not be pleasant. In addition, insufficient insulation can lead to condensation and the formation of molds, which can not only worsen the condition of the property, but also endanger the health of those who live there.


Closed-cell foam has proven to be an excellent choice for insulating the attic floor, as it is an extremely effective thermal insulation material. Closed-cell foam is made of polyurethane, and the product's insulating ability is due to the small closed cells that prevent the flow of heat. This insulating layer perfectly prevents heat loss in the attic and creates the optimal temperature in the apartment, especially in colder periods. The insulation will also be used all year round in the summer, not only because it provides excellent thermal insulation, but also because the insulation does not overheat like cotton.

Another advantage of closed-cell foam is its strength and durability.

The foam insulation layer forms a solid, rigid surface that can withstand loads. This way, the owners can also design smaller storage or even walkable areas on the attic floor without having to worry about displacement or damage.

 The use of closed-cell foam provides additional advantages to the building. For example, foam not only insulates heat, but also has a sound insulating effect, which results in a peaceful and calm environment for the family. In addition, the foam blocks the entry of allergens, pollen and dust into the apartment, which is especially important for people who are sensitive to these irritants.

Insulating the attic floor with closed-cell foam is a decision that serves as a long-term investment.

In addition to the increase in energy efficiency and comfort, owners can achieve significant savings in terms of heating and cooling costs. The material's durability and longevity contribute to the home maintaining its excellent condition for a long time. In Budafok, the owners committed to the local environment and energy efficiency chose a modern and efficient solution that has a positive effect on the comfort and temperature of their home. Attic floor insulation with closed-cell foam is a step toward sustainable architecture and energy conservation that may inspire others to take similar steps in their homes.


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