Facade and roof insulation

May 17, 2021 | Family house, side wall, attic

The owner wanted to completely renovate his newly purchased house in Cslaád. He entrusted us with the complete insulation of the house. Since the house was inhabited, the roof was insulated from the outside. We removed the old tiles from the roof. Due to the owner's delay, we did not remove the built-in cotton insulation, we only replaced the parts that had slipped and were in poor condition with new material. We sprinkled 10 cm thick foam on the foil covering the cotton. In order for the double insulation to fit under the base, we had to raise the roof battens. This was carried out precisely by our own carpenters, the roof will never get wet again, this is now guaranteed by double protection. There will be no complaints about the thermal insulation either, since 10 cm of foam corresponds to 20 cm of cotton, together with the old layer, it already protects the residents from the summer heat and the winter cold by 40 cm. The next task was to insulate the front walls of the house. Our task here was simpler: covering the parts to be protected (windows, eaves, non-insulated surfaces), or after dismantling the light fixtures and air conditioners, we sprayed the 14 cm thick insulation layer dreamed by the customer directly on the plaster. We consulted in advance with the masons who came after us, and we also monitored their work. Our subcontractor smoothed the walls and straightened the slanted edges for a small additional cost of materials and labor. The house has practically a completely seamless, air-tight, yet breathable coating. The insulation of the roof will never fail or slide off (like cotton), the side walls will not get wet if they get water, and moreover, they will not rattle. Quite a satisfied customer.

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