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Sep 10, 2021 | factory building, flat roof, roof plane from the outside

Saving the roof of the Goldberger factory with closed cell foam


The building

Factory building insulation. The Goldberger factory building, located in the old 3rd district of Budapest, has been in ruins for many decades, waiting to be revived. However, two years ago, thanks to a bold and innovative solution, the roof of the factory was saved.

The history of the factory dates back to the 1920s, when the Goldberger family established it. In the beginning, it was mainly engaged in the production of textile products, but over the decades it gradually expanded its scope of activities. 

The task

When insulating the factory building, we repaired its neglected and damaged roof with closed-cell foam. This special insulating material provides highly effective thermal insulation and has many advantages for the building. One of the most important advantages is that, thanks to the hard, walkable foam, the roof of the building did not have to be demolished. This resulted in significant cost savings.

By insulating the roof of the building, the goal was not only to reduce energy costs, but also to increase the stability of the building and improve the internal environment. Due to its high thermal insulation capacity, the foam effectively keeps the heat in during the winter months.

The owners of the building saw an exciting opportunity in the salvaged attic, and a customer producing designer chandeliers set up a fantastic showroom in the new insulated room. The spacious, beautifully furnished room not only presents a wide selection of chandeliers, but also provides an inspiring environment for customers and visitors.

The insulation of the Goldberger factory building is another example of how old, neglected buildings can be given new life. The insulation technology of closed-cell purfoam provides an efficient and sustainable solution. The case of the Goldberger factory can be an inspiration for other renovation and reuse projects aimed at improving the urban environment and preserving the historical heritage.

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