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Another attic insulation with foam!

Closed-cell foam insulation is an innovative solution that has many advantages when used in the attic or on the roof plane. Excellent attic insulation: it has the best thermal insulation properties and offers many environmental and economic benefits. In this article, we will present some of the main advantages of closed-cell foam insulation in insulating these areas.

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  1. Excellent thermal insulation: Closed-cell foam is an extremely effective thermal insulation material. After the purfoam system is introduced, it immediately fills all the cracks and crevices, resulting in excellent thermal insulation. This reduces heat loss in the attic or roof plane, resulting in energy savings and lower heating or cooling costs.
  2. Air-tight properties: The closed-cell foam insulation seals the space airtight. This prevents cold or warm air from entering the attic or roof plane. Air-tight insulation improves indoor air quality and increases comfort.
  3. Durability: Closed-cell purfoam is an extremely durable material that has a long service life. It does not shrink, crack or lose its insulating properties over time. This means a long-term investment, the costs of which will pay off in the long term through lower energy consumption.
  4. Waterproof attic insulation: Closed-cell foam resists moisture and water leaks. This is an important factor when used in an attic or on a roof plane, as it prevents water from entering and damaging the roof structure.
  5. Easy installation: Closed-cell foam can be installed quickly and easily. It can be easily applied by construction professionals and the insulation can be completed in a short time.
  6. Energy efficiency: Thanks to its good thermal insulation properties, closed-cell foam contributes to increasing the energy efficiency of the property. This not only benefits the owners, but also the environment, reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
  7. Sound insulation: Attic insulation is not only a heat insulator, but also a sound insulator. This improves the sound insulation of the attic or roof plane, reducing the penetration of outside noise.

Overall, closed-cell foam insulation is an excellent choice for use in attics or on the roof plane. Thanks to its thermal insulation properties, durability and energy efficiency, it promotes the creation of a comfortable and economical home environment. If you're looking for energy savings, better thermal and sound insulation, and a long-term investment for your roofing project, closed-cell foam insulation can be an excellent choice.

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