Renovation of insulation

Aug 22, 2023 | factory building, office building, flat roof

insulation repair

Improvement of insulation in the 11th district, improvement of flooding

Proper insulation and waterproofing solutions are key for every building. Over time, old, unprofessionally executed roof insulation can cause problems that require a solution. Repairing and renovating old insulation is one of our most frequently performed tasks. Our client contacted us saying that more than a hundred shop lighting in the building was due for repair.

Formation of the Problem

The flat-roofed building in the 11th district has been struggling with roof insulation problems for some time. The previous, poorly executed foam insulation contained many problems. Due to the inadequate UV protection, the insulation of the roof was continuously damaged, and the flat roof bled from several wounds over time due to the damage. Rain and sun made the situation worse, and the American company using the building experienced more and more waterlogging and leaks.

Towards the Solution: renovation of insulation with foam

Due to the ever-increasing problems, a complete renovation of the roof insulation system became inevitable. The owners decided to use the help of an expert company to restore the roof structure of the building and find a solution to the problem of leaks. It was necessary to remove the foam insulation, restore the damaged parts and install a more effective UV protection.



window repair

Renovating the insulation, fixing the leaks, repairing the leaky window

The first step was to remove the old foam insulation. During the removal, the damaged parts were carefully uncovered and the moisture that got into the stratification was completely dried. Next came the removal of the damaged UV protective paint so that the new insulating layer could adhere perfectly.

A closed-cell material was chosen for the new insulation, which has excellent heat-insulating and water-repellent properties. Mariseal 250 UV protective paint was used, which provides adequate protection to the roof against UV radiation and weather conditions. This combination guarantees the long-term protection of the roof and the elimination of waterlogging.

The Reborn Roof

The specialists of our company worked diligently on the flat roof of the building. The building's new roof insulation not only provides effective protection against the elements, but also gives the building an aesthetically attractive appearance. The owners could finally relax, as their building is no longer wet and the previous problems are a thing of the past. After repairing more than 100 floodlights, they are guaranteed to have no more problems with floodlights.


Roof renovations of this kind not only ensure the longevity of the building, but also increase the comfort of the residents. The repair and renovation of the old, unprofessionally executed foam insulation and the application of the new UV protective layer helped to eliminate water seepage and leaks. This project clearly shows how important properly executed roof insulation is in terms of durability, comfort and value of the building.

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repair of the entrance lighting
renovation of insulation

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