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Oct 17, 2023 | factory building, flat roof

Factory building insulation, Factory building thermal insulation, Factory building waterproofing

We insulated in Budapest at Bekomold Kft. During the repair of the pitched flat roof, thermal insulation was also a consideration.

After uncovering the old layering, we dried the layers and covered the roof with a 10 cm thick layer of polyurethane.

WHY is the material unbeatable when upgrading old flat roofs?

Flat roof insulation is an extremely important aspect, especially in the design and maintenance of factory buildings. The closed-cell foam used can provide extraordinary advantages in the insulation, thermal insulation and waterproofing of the factory building. In this article, we show why you should choose this method.

Efficient factory building thermal insulation:

The thermal insulation of the factory building is essential for maintaining an optimal internal climate and for cost-effective operation. Closed-cell foam has excellent thermal insulation properties, reducing heating and cooling costs. As a result, the factory building will not only be more energy efficient, but the employees will also be able to work in more comfortable conditions.

Effective waterproofing on the flat roof:

The insulation of the flat roof is critical for the long-term life of the factory building. Closed-cell foam effectively prevents water and moisture from entering the building, thereby minimizing structural damage. Factory building waterproofing increases the durability of the building and reduces maintenance costs.

Fire resistance and safety:

Fire safety in buildings is crucial. The closed-cell foam factory building insulation has excellent fire resistance, increasing the safety of the factory building and the protection of its workers. This is especially important in factory buildings where potentially hazardous materials or processes are located.

Low factory building insulation maintenance costs:

One of the most important advantages of insulating a flat roof with closed-cell foam is the low maintenance requirement. The material is durable and remains effective in the long term, minimizing maintenance costs. This contributes to long-term savings and building sustainability.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient factory building insulation:

Closed-cell foam is an energy-saving solution that reduces energy consumption. This not only reduces the operating costs of the factory building, but also contributes to environmental protection. Sustainability is an increasingly important aspect for manufacturing companies and industrial facilities.

Insulating a flat roof with closed-cell foam not only provides efficient thermal and waterproof insulation for factory buildings, but also increases safety, minimizes maintenance costs, and contributes to sustainability. That is why it is worth seriously considering this innovative solution for the insulation of factory buildings.

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