Jun 14, 2023 | holiday home, side wall

Spread foam insulation Gödöllő 

We insulated a lightweight house in Gödöllő! Application of blown foam insulation on side walls. Effective insulation of buildings is crucial for comfort and energy efficiency. The insulation of the side walls is particularly important, as heat loss and temperature fluctuations can have a significant impact here. One effective solution is the use of blown foam insulation, which offers a solution to reduce energy loss and equalize the temperature of the building.

The blown foam insulation is able to cover and adapt to the different shapes and contours of the side walls. One of the most important advantages of blown foam insulation is that it provides highly effective thermal insulation. The closed-cell structure of the foam creates air-holding layers that prevent the flow of heat. This means that blown foam insulation can reduce energy consumption and minimize heat loss through the side walls of the building. This contributes to a significant reduction in heating and cooling costs, as well as stabilization of the internal temperature. Another advantage of this insulation method is that it has excellent soundproofing properties. Blown foam insulation can reduce the transmission of noise through the side walls of the building. This can be particularly beneficial in areas where outside noise, such as traffic noise or city noise, can disturb the interior. With the help of blown foam insulation, the noise level can be significantly reduced, so we can create a calm and quiet environment in the building. It is important to note that blown foam insulation is a durable and long-lasting solution. The material is resistant to weather, mold, insects and corrosion. This extends the life of the building and minimizes maintenance costs. Blown foam insulation also does not absorb water, thus preventing the harmful effects of moisture and the formation of mold on the side walls.

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