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Siófok trapezoidal insulation

We worked for STRABAG in Siófok. As part of the Sió Drainage Channel project, we insulated the buildings, the ceiling, from the bottom side. The customer covered the insulation with a false ceiling.

Perfect, gap-free heat and water insulation from the underside, as well as sound insulation, is not a challenge even on a trapezoidal sheet.

Purhab trapezoid sheet Siófok!

All other methods are much more complicated: one possible solution for the insulation under the trapezoidal plate is the so-called a thermal bridging system can be used. This system usually consists of an insulating material (e.g. polystyrene) and a vapor permeable layer (e.g. vapor barrier film). The insulating material is placed under the trapezoidal plate, and then the vapor barrier film is fixed facing the insulation. This system already has heat and moisture permeable properties and reduces the formation of thermal bridges, but its fixing is complicated, and it does not yet provide waterproofing (if the trapezoidal plate fails)!

Purfoam has many advantages on trapezoidal plates:

  1. Excellent thermal insulation: Purfoam has excellent thermal insulation properties. When placed under trapezoidal sheeting, it helps prevent heat from escaping into the attic or building, reducing energy loss and heating/cooling costs.
  2. Sound insulation: Purfoam has significant sound insulation properties. When applied under the trapezoidal sheet, it reduces the entry of external noise into the building, improving the comfort of residents or workers and the performance at work.
  3. Gap-free: Purfoam is a molding material that is applied in a liquid state, then swells and hardens. This allows the foam to fill and perfectly seal the gaps and parts under the trapezoidal plate, thus creating a tightly closed and gap-free insulation layer.
  4. Waterproofing: Purfoam has waterproofing properties, so it helps prevent moisture from entering the building under the trapezoidal sheet. This is especially important for the roof, where the penetration of precipitation under the trapezoidal plate can damage the structure of the building and the effectiveness of the insulation.
  5. Fast and economical: Purfoam can be applied quickly and efficiently. The material is easy to handle and hardens quickly, which reduces time and labor costs. In addition, the durability and long service life of the foam is an economical solution.

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