Truck foam insulation

Apr 16, 2024 | lightweight structure, container, truck, side wall, special

Truck foam insulation

Purfoam is excellent for insulating trucks, ship hulls and containers. The biggest advantage is that the insulation follows its shape and sticks to all surfaces. With other insulation, it would be very difficult to fix, or exact tracking of the bodywork. Since polyurethane provides better thermal insulation based on the lambda value, half the thickness of traditional insulation is sufficient. This saved few centimeters is a huge advantage on trucks or on other vehicles where space is a priority.

Perfect for that too! Insulating the flower delivery company's truck with foam not only provided effective thermal insulation, but also had many other benefits.

Truck foam insulation - Advantages

Closed-cell polyurethane is the most modern thermal insulation available today!

In the summer, foam insulation is especially valuable as it effectively keeps the heat out. This keeps the inside of the truck pleasantly cool, which prevents the flowers from drying out and spoiling during transport. It is important to emphasize that this insulation does not absorb heat (like cotton).

It also provides a strong and rigid surface, which provides adequate protection for the insulation. The resonances and movement of the truck body will not break or crack the pur layer! The property of the foam is that it does not crack or slip, it provides safety for the transported goods, or in terms of the lifetime of the insulation. In the long term, you don't have to worry about the condition of the insulation or possible damage.

Purfoam insulation can be implemented quickly, easily and cost-effectively. The flower delivery company managed to insulate the car for HUF 200,000 within 2 hours.


Truck foam insulation not only provides adequate protection for the truck, but also creates an ideal environment for transporting flowers, guaranteeing their freshness and quality during the journey.


Truck foam insulation

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