Sárospatak thermal insulation

Jan 13, 2023 | factory building, side wall

Our company successfully completed the side wall insulation of a metal processing plant in Sárospatak. For the project, we took on an area of 2,000 square meters and effectively applied 6 cm thick polyurethane foam to the copolite glass side walls. This thermal insulation layer significantly improves the heat retention and energy efficiency of the building.

It was an important aspect for our plant to be able to perform the insulation even in the cold December weather. At the same time, since the machines of the metal processing plant produce a significant amount of heat, condensation was not a problem during the insulation. The inner environment of the hall was dry, so we could work perfectly on the surfaces.

The customer from Sárospatak had specific requirements regarding the implementation of the insulation. He didn't want to cover the insulating layer with a front wall or plaster it, so he entrusted us with providing it with UV protective paint. This paint provides protection against the elements, including sunlight and temperature changes. The UV protective paint has a long service life, so our customer can be sure that the insulation will maintain its efficiency and aesthetic appearance in the long term.

The combination of polyurethane foam and UV protective paint is an excellent choice for insulating the side walls of the metal processing plant. Polyurethane foam is a highly effective thermal insulator that minimizes energy loss and improves interior comfort. And the UV protective paint protects the insulation from environmental effects, preserving its lifespan and aesthetics.

Our company's expert team pays attention to every detail during the project. We carry out appropriate preparatory work so that the polyurethane foam and UV protective paint optimally adhere to the side wall. Our professionals use high-quality materials and tools during insulation to ensure long-term durability and flawless results.

Our company is proud to have been able to participate in this significant project, which promotes the plant's energy efficiency and comfort. The use of polyurethane foam and UV protective paint guarantees the efficiency and aesthetic appearance of the insulation for many years.

Overall, we successfully completed the insulation of the 2,000 square meter side wall of the Sárospatak metal processing plant. The combination of polyurethane foam and UV protective paint proved to be an ideal choice for thermal insulation and protection. Our customer can be satisfied that we provided a reliable and high-quality service that contributes to the plant's energy efficiency and improving its operation.

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Thermal insulation in Sárospatak

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Thermal insulation Sárospatak

Sárospatak insulation

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