Sárospatak thermal insulation

Jan 13, 2023 | side wall, Muddy stream

Our company undertook the insulation of 2,000 m2 of side walls in Sárospatak. The copolite glass side walls of the metal processing plant were thermally insulated with 6 cm thick polyurethane foam. The cold December weather and the damp glasses were not a problem, because the machines in the hall produce such a quantity of heat that we could work on completely dry surfaces. The customer from Sárospatak did not want to cover the insulation with a front wall or plaster it, so we will provide it with the UV protective paint.

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Our customer's website: https://boss2006.hu/

Thermal insulation in Sárospatak

Purfoam insulation Sárospatak


Thermal insulation Sárospatak

Sárospatak insulation