Slate roof insulation from the outside

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Slate roof insulation from the outside, Corrugated slate insulation from the outside


The Secret of Modern Corrugated Slab Insulation: Closed-cell Purfoam

Roof insulation is an essential part of any renovation, especially when you live under an aged slate. With traditional insulation methods, it can be difficult to perfectly insulate the area under the corrugated sheets, but fortunately closed-cell foam can be used here as well.

Advantages of Purhab corrugated slate roof insulation

New generation insulation has many advantages. Thanks to its form-following and gap-free nature, it fits perfectly with the areas under the roof, thus ensuring 100% waterproofing and modern thermal insulation. In this way, not only can the internal temperature of the building be kept stable, but significant energy savings can also be achieved.

The static strengthening of the roof is an additional advantage, especially in the case of older buildings, where the roof structure may no longer be in a suitable condition. With the help of closed-cell foam, we can improve not only the insulation, but also the stability of the roof structure.

Another important aspect is the issue of vapor permeability. The air permeability of closed-cell foam allows the building to remain breathable, thus avoiding the risk of dampness and mold growth.

5 cm foam layer on slate

Corrugated slate insulation from the outside

The work carried out in Szigetszentmiklós is another proof that outdated roofs can be excellently and efficiently insulated with scattered insulation.

The insulation of the slate roof and the insulation of the outer side of the corrugated slate is a key step in the life of any building that we want to ensure long-term protection and efficiency. Here, closed-cell purfoam offers a solution that combines ease of use and excellent performance.

Slate roof insulation from the outside

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UV layer on corrugated slate


isopur insulation

Corrugated slate insulation from the outside - reference Szgetszentmiklós

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