Foam insulation Szolnok - Modernization of food production plants

Jan 13, 2023 | flat roof, Szolnok

Foam insulation in Szolnok. Modernization of Bunge Zrt. plants December 2022.

We also work with foam with a special winter additive in cold weather - near Szolnok.

Read more about flat roof insulation here – link

zigeting in Szolnok. Modernization of Bunge Zrt. plants December 2022.

We also work with foam with a special winter additive in cold weather - near Szolnok

Purhab insulation Szolnok

Read more about flat roof insulation here – link

Foam insulation Szolnok - Flat roof insulation

Flat roof insulation is one of the main uses of closed-cell polyurethane foam. We not only offer the most efficient thermal insulation available today, but we also promise 100% waterproofing! All this in one step, without complicated layers, economically.

Our most frequently performed task is the insulation of an aged bitumen roof. The big advantage of the technology is that we don't have to dismantle it, we don't have to harvest and transport the old insulation (this would often be more expensive than the insulation itself).

More and more architects are designing new family and apartment buildings and office buildings with SPF technology. The insulation is free of gaps, there are no soakings or thermal bridges. The closed-cell foam follows the movements of the roof, does not crack, so there is no need tu build in dilatation strips. If you would like to read more about closed-cell foam, click here!

Purfoam adheres to most building industry materials with the power of instant adhesive, it can be used on bitumen, concrete or wooden closing slabs. Purfoam is the most economical solution for bituminous roof insulation.

If the foam will be covered (concrete, pavement, gravel bed, green roof, flagstone), the flat roof insulation is perfect even without a protective layer. If the outer foam layer is exposed to the sun, it must be UV protected. In such cases, we protect the insulation against the harmful effects of the sun with a two-component Polyurea layer.

Read more about the UV protective layer here!

Problems with traditional insulation materials 

Poor flat roof insulation means high cooling and heating costs.

Aged, tarry roof insulation often gets wet.

Condensation appears on the ceiling of the upper level.

Most traditional materials do not follow the movement of the building, even small unevenness can cause cracks.

Complicated layering: traditional thermal insulation materials do not provide waterproofing and vice versa: tar flat roof insulation only waterproofs. A more complicated layering system brings with it more errors. In the event of a bitumen roof insulation failure, the removal and removal of the layers means a large cost.

Rodents move into old insulation materials.


Foam insulation Szolnok - The best flat roof insulation is foam

SPF provides thermal insulation that is twice as effective as traditional insulating materials (closed-cell polyurethane foam has 0.023 λ [W/mK]).

We promise 100% waterproofing even with the minimum thickness of 3 cm. No more condensation problems. The material lets the vapor through to a certain extent, this way your house remains breathable.

A continuous, gap- and thermal-bridge free surface. Light, yet rigid, walkable surface. The foam and the protective UV layer follows the movement of the building, there are no expansion problems.

Simple layering - no chance of failure. Due to the flat roof insulation, you do not have to dismantle and transport the old insulation.

Rodents do not like foam, or they don't find gaps where they get into the old insulation materials.