Foam insulation Szolnok - Modernization of food production plants

Jan 13, 2023 | factory building, flat roof

Foam insulation in the factories of Bunge Zrt. - The modernization was carried out in December 2022.

In the vicinity of Szolnok, we carry out the flat roof insulation of Bunge Zrt.'s plants using purfoam with a special winter additive. Bunge Zrt. is an American-owned company that continuously strives to develop its facilities and increase its energy efficiency. Flat roof insulation plays a key role in minimizing heat loss and improving operational efficiency.

Purfoam is one of the most effective ways of using closed-cell polyurethane foam in the field of flat roof insulation. This technology not only provides the best thermal insulation, but also provides 100% waterproofing. The process is simple and economical, and no complicated layering is required.

One of our most common tasks is to modernize the insulation of an aged bitumen roof. One of the main advantages of this technology is that we don't have to dismantle the old insulation, which would be more costly and time-consuming than doing the insulation itself.

More and more architects design with us also for newly built family and apartment buildings, as well as office buildings. The insulation created by purfoam is free of gaps and gaps, so no soaking or thermal bridges can occur. The closed-cell foam flexibly adapts to the movements of the roof, does not crack, and it is not necessary to install expansion strips. If you want to know more about closed-cell foam, read on at the given link!

Purfoam has a very strong adhesion to most building materials, be it bitumen, concrete or wood covering. Purfoam offers the most economical solution for bituminous roof insulation.

If the foam is covered with a covering layer (concrete, pavement, gravel bed, green roof, flagstone), the insulation of the flat roof works perfectly even without a protective layer. However, if the purfoam layer is exposed to sunlight, it must be provided with UV protection. In this case, it protects the insulation from the harmful effects of the sun with a two-component polyurea layer.

Poor flat roof insulation means serious costs in heating and cooling bills. Aged, tarry roof insulation often gets wet, and condensation can appear on the ceiling of the upper level. Traditional materials do not follow the movement of the building, and small irregularities can cause cracks. In addition, the complexity of the traditional layering can cause additional problems, since thermal insulation materials do not provide waterproofing, or conversely, tar roof insulation is only waterproof.

Purfoam is the best solution for flat roof insulation and provides thermal insulation that is twice as effective as conventional materials (closed-cell polyurethane foam has a λ value of 0.023 W/mK). We promise 100% waterproofness even at the minimum, blowable thickness of 3 cm, and no more condensation or condensation problems. Purfoam is breathable and lets some moisture through.

The foam and the UV layer that protects it create a continuous, gap- and thermal-bridging-free surface. It provides a light but rigid surface and follows the movements of the building without dilatation problems. The simple layer system leaves no room for failure and it is not necessary to remove the old insulation.

Rodents don't like purhab, and they can't find places where they can get into old insulation materials.

Overall, the foam insulation provides efficient and reliable protection of the flat roofs in Bunge Zrt.'s plants. Bunge Zrt. is committed to modernization and energy efficiency, and the purhab solution contributes to improving operational efficiency and minimizing costs. You can find more information on the insulation of flat roofs on the website of Bunge Zrt.

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