Insulation Zalaegerszeg

Apr 16, 2024 | hall, factory building, wave shale, lightweight structure

Insulation Zalaegerszeg

Due to the high gas prices in the past year, the interest in hall insulation is continuous. Our latest reference from Zalaegerszeg is a good example of efficient foam hall insulation. The owners chose the most modern technology and materials to maximize energy efficiency and functionality during the complete transformation of the 800 square meter, damp and completely uninsulated building.

The advantages of the foam insulation became evident already in the first days. The owners also decided on the solution because of the lower costs and quick completion. The minimally thick layer, only 3 centimeters thick, performed the task perfectly and exceeded the owners' expectations.

Corrugated sheet from the inside 3 cm


Among the primary advantages is the excellent thermal insulation, which is provided even by this thin layer. The traditional insulating material (cotton, eps) provides such thermal insulation in a thickness of 6-8 centimeters. It is important to note that the calculation based on the lambda value accepted by the construction industry does not take into account the fact that our insulation is completely airtight: there are no ventilation corners, joints, gaps, thermal bridges... The foam significantly improved the building's ability to retain heat, which is significant in the long term. results in savings in terms of heating and cooling costs.

Thanks to the foam, after the insulation in Zalaegerszeg, the hall became completely watertight, which was especially important in the case of the damp roof structure. This feature ensured the building's protection against rain and other moisture, contributing to the longevity of the building's structure.

The insulation not only minimized heat loss, but also brought static advantages. Thanks to the foam, the roof structure was strengthened, which further increased the stability and safety of the building.

The speed of the insulation in Zalaegerszeg was also outstanding. The entire insulation process was completed in just three days, resulting in significant time and cost savings for the owners.


Overall, the insulation project of the Zalaegerszeg hall can serve as an example in the field of energy-efficient architecture. Purfoam insulation provided an excellent solution even with minimal thickness, promoting the building's thermal insulation, waterproofing and static stability. The speed and efficiency of the project provided additional benefits to the owners, who can enjoy all the advantages of an energy-efficient and sustainable building in the long term.

Szigetelés Zalaegerszeg – pipa 🙂

Slate roof with Polyurethane

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