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Jun 19, 2024 | Family house, holiday home, attic

Insulating the Attic of a Newly Built Villa with Closed-cell Purfoam: insulating rafter gaps for Comfort and Protection

Recently, the owner of a stunning, newly built American villa approached us with the request to insulate his attic with closed-cell foam, between the rafters, by blowing the insulating material onto the roof membrane. Although the attic floor was already insulated, after purchasing the property, the owner decided to insulate the roof as well. There were two main reasons for this: on the one hand, to ensure protection against getting wet, and on the other hand, to create the climate in the attic necessary for the optimal operation of the expensive air technology.

We worked on this interface. Before:

insulation between rafters BUdapest

The insulation of the 500 m² roof surface proved to be a serious challenge, because the attic has a low ceiling height and in some places we could only crawl. The dedicated professionals of our team performed the work efficiently, so we completed the task in just 3 days with a single brigade (3 people). The 6 cm thick closed-cell foam layer has excellent thermal and waterproof properties, so it was the perfect choice to meet the owner's needs.

The insulation of the attic, i.e. the rafter spaces, had many advantages. The insulation of the rafter spaces is completely airtight and gap-free, so it provides the best thermal insulation. The closed-cell foam insulation eliminated thermal bridges, thus significantly improving the property's energy efficiency. In addition, the foam forms a continuous layer, which minimizes the risk of leaks and soaking, so the roof reliably protects the house in the long term. Last but not least, the excellent thermal insulation also ensures that the ventilation system works optimally.

Pictures of the finished insulation: 


The owner's satisfaction and the final result of the work clearly reflect the efficiency and quality of the closed-cell foam insulation. During construction, the pictures of the insulation between the rafters speak for themselves: the attic of the newly built house has become a completely insulated shield that protects the slab like a shell. Closed-cell foam insulation offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution in the long term.


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