house insulation Budapest

Jun 19, 2024 | bitumen roof, Family house, flat roof

Another Hungarian Success Story chose us. House insulation Budapest

László Maruzsi's name sounds familiar to all motorsport fans. The rally racing legend makes good decisions not only on the track, but also in other areas of life: when it came to refurbishing the flat roof, he didn't leave it to chance. He entrusted the repair of the flat roof to the ISOPUR team.

The house, renovated in a minimal style, is located in the cozy street of Alsorákos. The interior of the building had already been luxuriously renovated, but the roof had yet to be modernized. Due to the adverse weather conditions and the outdated bitumen roof, the insulation of the roof became urgent. László decided to entrust us with this task.

When starting the house insulation, our primary goal was to properly insulate the house (waterproofing and thermal insulation of the roof). We chose the closed-cell material with a density of 45 kg/m³, which has excellent thermal insulation properties. The thickness of the insulation was set at 10 cm to ensure maximum efficiency. After choosing the material and determining the thickness, the actual work could begin.

The installation of house insulation on a bad bitumen roof took place in one morning. The speed and efficiency of the work process is due to the precise and coordinated work of all members of our team. The drop-down roof was immediately waterproofed, so small soakings caused by the damaged bitumen insulation are no longer a problem. By strengthening the house insulation, not only the energy efficiency of the property increased, but also the comfort of the home improved significantly.

BeforeAfter (without UV protection)

house insulation Budapest

repair of a sloping flat roof

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House insulation Budapest

Product benefits:

  • The most effective thermal insulation! The Lambda value is 0.021 - half as thick as conventional insulating materials
  • It provides perfect waterproofing while allowing moisture to pass through to a certain extent - condensation can be eliminated
  • Gap-free and gap-free - form-following. Any specially shaped surface can be effectively insulated
  • Under favorable conditions, insulation of up to 1000 m2 surface per day! Hundreds of references
  • We offer a 10-year full warranty. The best tested BASF products
  • Renovation of cracked, aged roofs, waterproofing and thermal insulation
  • Heating cost savings of up to 70%, payback 5-7 years

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