Family house roof insulation

Jun 1, 2024 | Family house, roof plane from the outside, attic

Family house with roof insulation, foam insulation under tiles

### Insulation Project in Budajenő: Closed Cell Foam for Effective Protection

We carried out significant insulation work in an American-style family house in Budajenő, where closed-cell polyurethane foam proved its excellence. The roof space of the residential building is built-in, so we could only carry out the insulation work from the outside.

roof insulation under tiles

#### Preparation and Survey

Before starting the work, the tiles were carefully pushed up to gain access to the roof structure. Fortunately for us, the spine did not have to be dismantled, so we saved considerable time and energy. After we removed the vapor barrier film, it became clear that the previous cotton insulation was in usable condition, but it had moved in many places and huge gaps had impaired its performance.

#### Solution Proposal and Execution

After the consultation with the owner, it became clear that the roof insulation of the family house and the complete strengthening of the roof plane are necessary. Purfoam insulation was possible under tiles, from the outside. The choice fell on closed-cell polyurethane foam, which not only has excellent thermal insulation properties, but also seals without gaps, thereby preventing further movement of the cotton.

During the work, the closed-cell foam was blown directly under the tiles, thus ensuring complete coverage and thermal insulation of the roof structure. Thanks to the material's special properties, it not only has a heat-insulating, but also a waterproofing function, which was especially important in the case of the highly articulated roof structure, which has been soaked in several places for years.

Heat and water insulation under tiles

#### Results and Benefits

The use of foam insulation under tiles has many advantages. First of all, the heating costs of the house were drastically reduced by about half. Thanks to the new insulation, heat loss was reduced to a minimum, resulting in significant energy savings. Second, the problems caused by water have completely disappeared. Thanks to the waterproofing properties of the polyurethane foam, the roof was no longer wet, so the owner no longer had to worry about water damage.

#### Final Thoughts

The Budajenő project, the roof insulation of the family house, clearly demonstrated that closed-cell polyurethane foam provides outstanding performance not only as a thermal insulator, but also as a waterproofer. The roof structure of the American-style house is now not only more energy-efficient, but also more durable. Owner satisfaction is the best proof that proper insulation can significantly improve the comfort and sustainability of a home.

In future insulation projects, it is worth considering the use of closed-cell foam, especially for buildings where thermal insulation and waterproofing are both important considerations. The case of the house in Budajenő is a good example of how modern insulation solutions can contribute to increasing the energy efficiency and durability of residential buildings.

Improvement of cotton insulation

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