Bituminous flat roof insulation

Apr 16, 2024 | hall, factory building, flat roof

Effective Solution for Insulating the Roof Structure of Manufacturing Plants

The energy efficiency and sustainability of industrial facilities is a particularly important topic these days. However, many manufacturing plants still struggle with the problems of old, poorly insulated roof structures, which result in significant heat loss and high energy consumption. One of the effective solutions for bituminous flat roof insulation can be the use of closed-cell foam insulation. Closed-cell foam has excellent thermal insulation properties and is an ideal choice for insulating buildings that need to be heated. In addition, foam is light, so the insulation does not put a strain on an old roof structure. Installation is fast and efficient. Because of these advantages, customers are increasingly choosing this solution to create energy-efficient buildings. The factory in Szolnok will be reopened, so it was of utmost importance to ensure adequate thermal insulation in order to reduce energy consumption and increase the comfort of the working environment.

Roof before insulation

Work progress - steps of bituminous flat roof insulation

During the installation of the foam, we paid special attention to details and precise work. Precise installation is key to achieving maximum efficiency and minimizing heat loss. Based on the customer's specifications, 10 cm thick closed-cell foam was used on the roof structure. This thickness provides optimal thermal insulation for the Szolnok factory, enabling efficient heating even in cold weather conditions.

Purhab progress

We uncovered the defects of the old bitumen insulation, dried out the layers, and then repaired them in spots with tar insulation. The insulation was carried out step by step, in blocks of 60 m2. When we reached the end of the building and insulated every square meter, the UV sealing followed. Since we were working in the cold, we worked with foam with winter additives. At the end of the insulation that lasted for several weeks, the application of the sealing layer was already quick, we finished the painting of the 3000m2 roof in a single week. Two teams worked on the roof.

Polyurethane insulation on a flat roof

Fully insulated


The insulation of the bitumen flat roof resulted in a significant improvement in the thermal insulation performance of the factory. As a result, significant savings in energy consumption are expected in the factory, as the heating works more efficiently and less heat escapes from the building.

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